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Oct 26, 2018

What is the financial requirement for Cash Savings, while applying for Indefinite Leave to remain, under the 5 year route to Settlement?


It is a common misconception among applicant's that they need to evidence the Cash Savings of GBP 62500 at the time of filing of the Indefinite Leave to remain ( ILR ) under the 5 year route to Settlement.


Please note that the Cash Savings of GBP 62500 is only required to be met at the time of the Entry Clearance / Initial leave to remain and again at the Extension / further leave stage under the 5 year route to Settlement.


At the ILR stage, the savings requirement would be GBP 34600, if the financial requirement is to be met only by Cash Savings, this is calculated by adding the financial requirement of GBP 18600 to the base amount of GBP 16000. If you have any dependants applying with you, then the you will have to add the financial requirement amount to the the base amount of GBP 16000.

For example,

if applying with one dependant - GBP 22400 plus GBP 16000 = GBP 38400

if applying with two dependants - GBP 24800 plus GBP 16000 = GBP 40800

and so on..


New Posts
  • livetolovelife24
    Mar 6

    Hi Everyone, I'm new to the forum so please bear with me. I am Canadian and my husband is Italian. My husband is living and working in the UK. I have a EEA Family Permit refused on Dec 4th, with an appeal option, with the ECO stating that they were not convinced that my EEA national husband is a qualified person in accordance with Regulation 6 of the Immigration (European Economic Area) Regulations 2016. I have decided to both appeal and reapply for the permit. I will load the appeal and application with a lot more supporting evidence. I haven't been contacted by anyone regarding the return of my Passport or documents. My appeal doesn't require me to send in my original Passport and all documents had an email submission option, which I have completed. My questions relate to the Reapplication for the EEA Family Permit: - Do I need to submit my biometric data again even though my fingerprints and photo were taken on Nov 17 2018? I would need to buy a flight to attend a VFS center and I'd like to save this money. If I don't need to resubmit my biometrics, can I post my supporting evidence (documents) instead of attending the VFS center? What address do I use? - They haven't returned my Passport. It reasons that I should be able to submit my new EEA Family Permit application without adding my original Passport, technically they are already have possession of my Passport. Is this correct? - If I need to RE-submit my Passport, then how do I initiate its return to me? I have emailed and called the UK VISAs and Immigration center. The lady I spoke to said that I would be contacted within two business days after the refusal (dated Dec 4th 2018 via email). Also, no response to my questions despite emailing them three times. Please feel free to ask for additional information.
  • sachin-sawant
    Oct 11, 2018

    Yes, a Partner visa applicant can use income from employment in a foreign country, if the following conditions are satisfied: The application is filed outside the UK, i.e. an Entry Clearance application is made The Applicant and the Sponsor (plus any Dependant children - aged under 18) are living outside the UK and the whole family wishes to come and live in the UK The Sponsor is in employment outside the UK, earning a Salary in foreign currency equivalent at least GBP 18600 (or higher - if applying with dependants, see forum answer on "How much income is required to meet the financial requirement" ), The Sponsor has secured a job in the UK and has a signed contract with his prospective UK employer with at least a Salary of GBP 18600 (or higher - if applying with dependants) and the starting date of the employment is within 3 months of the Sponsor's return to the UK Any shortfall can be met with Cash Savings ( see forum answer on "How to meet the financial requirement with Cash Savings?") NB: The Applicant's employment income, either foreign or future UK income, cannot be used to meet the Financial requirement in this case. [the foregin currency conversion should be applied as per the currency converter on the website https://www.oanda.com/ on the date of application. The date of application is the date on which the online application is submitted and the Immigration Health Surcharge and UKVI fees are paid]
  • Aladin henchiri
    Mar 6

    hello i am new here please i have a question , i am tunisian and my wife is english we are married and we know each other for 10 months now , she is on disability (PIP,ESA and sever disability allowance) we met all requirements but just we have a doubt on the period which is 10 months ... any help would be appreciated to know if the period is enough to apply for spouse visa T.I.A