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Isle of Man Immigration Services

This page is only for Individuals or Businesses who are interested in Immigration and Nationality Services on the Isle of Man (IOM). Either you are already on the island or you are wishing to migrate to the island. If you need advice or assistance with a UK Immigration/Nationality application, please visit the Home Page on this website.

About our Services in IOM

We have in-depth knowledge of United Kingdom (UK) Immigration and Nationality Laws and have very good experience in handling all the UK Immigration Applications. 

The IOM immigration rules are almost 95% the same as the UK Immigration rules with just slight variations to meet the needs of the Island. As compared to the UK, the IOM Immigration rules are much simpler and also there are appeal rights.


Even the caseworkers who work on the IOM Immigration usually applications come from the UKVI Sheffield office and they are the same caseworkers who work on the UK Immigration applications on a daily basis. We have a good working relationship with the UKVI offices in Sheffield, Liverpool, etc. and understand what the caseworkers are looking for, in the immigration application and documents submitted, hence, we can ensure a successful outcome for our IOM clients.

We had been approached by Individuals and Businesses in the IOM for Immigration advice and assistance, who have been misadvised by local Lawyers/Advocates on the IOM and were asked to incur considerable costs, who we have helped in obtaining the required leave to remain/visas, saving them considerable costs and time.

Subsequently, we decided to provide services in the IOM and since then we have advised and assisted many Individuals and Businesses on the island.

Please feel free to read through any of the list of documents for the type of visa you are interested in, please note most of the list of documents are drafted on a more stringent guidelines considering the UK Immigration rules and some things may not apply to your case, but these list of documents will help you to understand the documentation required in a better way and you can arrange all your documents as per these list of documents. During the first consultation, we will customize the list of documents as per the applicant's case and give you.

We charge a fixed fee for our services, we will confirm the fixed fees, when you send us your enquiry or during the first consultation.

Our working model:

You can send us your enquiry either by email to info@visa-solutions.co.uk or through the Chat with Us dialog box on the left side of this page or Whatsapp on +44 77 9497 7857 or Call us on 0203 575 1236 (there are no additional call charges, this number is included in any mobile or landline plans in the IOM), please see our page Services for details of our services.

Please do not visit our location without booking a meeting in advance, we do not offer any walk-in services, also the address advertised on Google is an address for our virtual office, we meet our clients in our meetings rooms in Douglas town

For in-person meetings, we request our clients to pay £50 as a commitment fee to help us manage our time wisely. These fees will be adjusted towards our consultation and/or application fees. The balance of the consultation fees would be payable at the meeting either via Bank transfer or in Cash.

During the initial advice session, we will prepare and provide you a customized list of documents required in support of your application, if applicable.

Once you decide to instruct us to prepare and file your application, you will pay a small deposit towards our fees and we will setup a meeting, wherein our local IOM representative will meet you in person at one of our meeting rooms in Douglas town (we will email you the address when we book the appointment for you) and during the meeting our immigration lawyer from London will be in the meeting via our secure Google Hangouts video call. 

Please note all our immigration advice and representation is centralised from our London Office, which will be give over a video call with the help of our local IOM representative, as we wish to maintain consistency of advice and ensure success of the applications filed.

Our head of Immigration in London, Mr Sachin Sawant visits the island usually once every quarter and as and when required to meet Business clients or Individual clients. If you wish to meet Mr Sawant in-person on an ad-hoc basis we can arrange that subject to certain minimum fee payments, you can email info@visa-solutions.co.uk to check the costs/fees involved for this meeting.

Our virtual office address in IOM:

Visa Solutions - IOM

1 South View,

Douglas IM2 4NS