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There would be two different regimes under which the EEA nationals can apply for status documents from 30 March 2019 (after Brexit), the regime under the EEA Regulations or under the new regime of Settled/Pre-settled status.

For detailed information on Different types visas available to Partners of EEA/EU/Swiss nationals, please click here: Types of Partner Visas for Partners of EEA or EU Citizens 

EEA Regulations Regime

The EEA Regulations Regime can be used by EEA nationals during the transition period till 31 December 2020. The documents issued under this regime are Family Permit, Residence Card, Registration Certificate, Document certifying Permanent Residence.

Individuals who wish to apply for British Passport / Citizenship immediately should use this regime, since as part of their Permanent Residence applications, the Home Office will confirm the date the acquired they Permanent Residence and if that date is before 12 months, then the Individual can apply for their Naturalisation as a British Citizen application immediately, provided they meet the requirements for Naturalisation.

Settled / Pre-settled Status Regime

The Settled / Pre-settled Status Regime can be used by EEA nationals during the transition period till 31 December 2020 and those individuals who are living in the UK and who have not applied any status documents till 31 December 2020, will still have protected status till 30 June 2021 under this regime and will have a further 6 months until 30 June 2021 to apply for Settled / Pre-settled Status document.

Children under 21 years of age will be granted Settled Status, if one of their parent is granted Settled Status.

An individual who acquires the Settled Status will have the rights/duties as mentioned in the following Settled Status letter (click on the below tab)

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