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List of documents required for the Main Applicant to file UK Tier 2 (General) Visa from Overseas

Current passport with at least one blank page to stick the Visa Vignette

A bank statement showing you have at least £945 in savings held anywhere in the world, This should be held in your bank account for at least a period of 90 days before the date of filing the application

(please check Appendix P of the UK Immigration Rules: ​the lists of financial institutions that do not satisfactorily verify financial statements, or whose financial statements are accepted at Immigration Rules Appendix P: lists of financial institutions - Immigration Rules - Guidance

Your Tuberculosis test results - Check if this applies to you at : Tuberculosis tests for visa applicants

Valid Certificate of Sponsorship copy or at least the Certificate reference number

English Language: (check General work visa (Tier 2): Knowledge of English )

English Language test pass certificate – at least CEFR level B1

Link to book the  IELTS Life Skills test at IELTS Test Centre Find an IELTS test location

Criminal Record Certificate (only for Specific UK Jobs) from any country you have lived in for 12 months or longer, in the last 10 years, this includes countries which you have even visited for tourism or to meet family, if the cumulative total number of days you have visited that country in the last 10 years is more than 12 months, then you will need a Criminal Record Certificate - Check if you need a Criminal Record Certificate and how to get it at Guidance on the application process for criminal records checks overseas

Note: Any documents which are not in English or Welsh, will need to be translated in English and you will have to submit both a copy of the original document and its certified translation


Note: Any document which is not in English should be accompanied by a Translation: The original translation must contain confirmation of the following from the translator: 

• That it is an accurate translation of the original document 

• The date of the translation 

• The translators full name and signature 

• The translators contact details

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