Types of Partner Visas for Partners of EEA or EU Citizens


Partners of EEA or EU Citizens have various visa options as tiled below and discussed in detail on the respective pages.


Please note that we have not explained any Partner visa applications under the EEA regulations as any documents (Residence Cards) issued under the EEA regulations, even if granted for 5 years would become invalid for use after 31 December 2020 and the applicant would have to file another application under the new rules before 31 December 2020.

Hence, with Brexit in view, we are only discussing applications based on the new rules, except only one "Overseas Family Permit" application.There is no option to apply for a Fiance visa for Partners of EEA or EU Citizens as there is no provision under the law.

Please hover over the below tiles for brief information and then click for detailed information and supporting list of documents.
























Spouse / Civil Partner visa
(under New rules for Brexit)
Not Available for Unmarried Partners
Spouse / Unmarried Partner / Civil Partner visa
(under previous rules before Brexit)
Spouse/Unmarried Partner/Civil Partner visa (under New rules for Brexit)
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