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May 19

British Nationality -Refused on Good Character

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Hi all and thank you for reading my post. Please see below my route.

Entry in UK illegally on 2002 and claimed asylum same day at 16 of age. To cut long story to short.

2002 - Unsuccessful

July 2009- Married to EU Citizens

October 2009 - Certificate of application which stated"Thank you for the application for residence card. Until such time as your application has been decided by the UK Border Agency, you will be treated for immigration purposes as family member of a legally resident EEA national and, as such, you are free to live and work in the United Kingdom''

March 2010- Grant Five Years (Residency Card)

Jan 2015- Grant Permanent Residency Card

Feb 2016- applied Nationality

May 2016 Received letter to provide more information and also completed residency questionnaire. The letter read: "According to our records, you were in the UK without leave to remain under the immigration Laws between 2002 when you entered the UK illegally and March 2010 when you were granted leave to remain. It would therefore appear that you were not complaint with UK immigration Laws during this period and may not meet the good character requirement for naturalisation"

I completed the form and sent back to them with no evidence; as the form had to be returned within 14 days and there was enough time to get any evidences, from age 16 i was supported by social services and then NASS onward.

Few weeks later, I received the refusal letter saying that they cannot be satisfied from the documents provided with NR form to complete if I wish it to be reconsidered and pay a fee of £272.

I did not apply for reconsideration, as it would be wasted of money. I was mislead by naturalisation contact centre because i called them and explained my whole story then i was told that it should be fine.

I am hoping to submit fresh claim but not sure from what month is my best option to cover 10 years policy. I phoned home office and they told me i can apply anytime but just to be in safe side and certainly can't afford to waste another £1000, below are my date options to submit a fresh claim.

Can you please advise what is my best option for successful application ?

Option 1- Should i apply from October 2019 (date of certificate of application) October 2009-October 2019? Option 2 - Should i apply from March 2020 ( issue date of residence card) March 2010-March 2020?

Any help will be much appreciated

Thank you


Nov 13

Hi Jack,

Apologies for the delay in replying


You should apply after March 2020 ( issue date of residence card) March 2010-March 2020 - Option 2