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Proof of residence required for Settled Status application under the EU Settlement Scheme

Documents That Can Be Used as Proof of Residence:

  • Fill the National Insurance(NI) number on the Application form, through the automated checks, if there is NI record for the last 5 years, then you may be granted Settled Status without provided any other documents. : The NI number shows you have been working and paying taxes in the UK.

  • Payslips and P60s: To evidence your employment history and earnings in the UK. It is not compulsory to have been employed for the whole 5 year period, you may have never worked or may have worked for some periods.

  • Bank statements: To evidence your financial activity in the UK, such as receiving income/salary, paying bills, spending at UK retailers, etc.

  • Utility bills (gas, electricity, water): To evidence that you were living at a UK address throughout the qualifying period of 5 years. These show your address and that you have been living in the UK. If you have been living in a shared accomodation, you may not have all utility bills, so, you may provided your tenancy agreement plus a letter from your landlord/estate agent confirming that the Utility bills were paid by the directly and confirm your period of residence at that property address.

  • Council tax bills: To evidence that you were a UK resident at a particular UK address during a specific period which the bill covers.

  • Tenancy agreements or mortgage statements: These show proof of your address and that you have been living in the UK.

  • Self-assessment tax returns: If you are self-employed, these show your earnings and residency in the UK.

  • Letters from your GP or other healthcare providers: These can serve as proof of your residency if they include your address.

  • Educational records: If you have been studying in the UK, these can be used as proof of residence. for example, a letter from the Educational institution confirming the period of time during which you were enrolled with them in a particular course of study.

Important Considerations:

  • Continuous Period: Your proof of residence needs to demonstrate that you've lived in the UK continuously for 5 years without any significant breaks.(Covid absences and one absence of upto 12 months for an important reason can be allowed)

  • Document Dates: Make sure your documents cover the entire 5-year period and are dated accordingly.

  • Digital or Physical Copies: You can submit digital copies of your documents online or provide physical copies(scan them) if required.

  • Additional Evidence: If you have gaps in your employment or other circumstances that make it difficult to provide a complete 5-year history, you may need to provide additional evidence, in such cases you can book a consulation wtih us and we can advise you on any alternate evidence and the merits of success of your application.

  • We have represented applicants successfully with the EU Settlement scheme applications. You can watch detailed videos on various UK Visa (including EU SS) on our Youtube Channel at

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